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Best Anime Movies on Netflix

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Best Anime Movies on Netflix

Netflix is well-known for streaming some of the best anime series that are worth watching. With plenty of the transformation, mechas, and the Miyazaki, it offers the series with unlimited enjoyment, which one will find worth investing their time into. Well, it is not just the anime but also the best anime movies on Netflix, which one will love to watch. However, with the availability of so many anime in one place, it is quite normal to wonder which one to watch on Netflix. This is why we have prepared this article to provide complete details about the best anime movies on Netflix, which one should not miss on to. Give a read ahead to know more.

8 Best Anime Movies on Netflix

A Whisker Away

Directed by Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama, this romance and fantasy genre movie is one of the best ones can get. A lot of creepier things can be found, in here, including the magic used for turning oneself into the cat so as to remain close to the crush and much more. The movie has, by all means, yielded out the beauty as well as the touching romance in here. 

The characters, they might seem a bit annoying, but which of the middle schoolers are not, and the writer, well, the writer, managed to shine through it all. The rest of all, it was managed by the realistic animation and the depictions, which is a stunning means to show the life of all the characters. 

Flavors of Youth

This anime was released in 2018 and has been produced by Haoliners Wave films, the Chinese animation studio, and CoMix Wave films (famous for bringing out some of the top anime directors like Makoto Shinkai), the Japanese anime studio. Furthermore, this drama anime, it can be easily divided into three short stories named Love in Shanghai, A little Fashion Show, and Rice Noodles. 

Flavors of Youth, it has been inspired partly by the work of the director named Makoto Shinkai.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

This is another released one of the best anime movies on Netflix, which has been directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. The genre of this anime is action and adventure, and one can enjoy a total of 102 minutes herein, considering the runtime of the movie.

The movie brings forward the heartbreaking idea of the child, Mary, who was eager to help within the house who instead creates more of a mess that others ended up cleaning. She wanted to be useful, but she was the walking disaster. The major part of the story begins when this kid meets the outdoor cats, who then lead her to the clutching of the blue flowers, which glowed, and this is what captured the eyes of Mary. Now how and what happened next, go along and watch the movie.

A Silent Voice

The fans of modern anime, they have rated this movie highly. Since the year 2016, when this movie was released, it has been all of theirs favorite. This movie belongs to the Drama genre and has been based on an original manga that got published between 2013-2014.

The story herein follows the story of 2 major characters named Shoko (she was deaf) and Shoya (who used to bully Shoko), and they were both in the same class. Now, it was the director’s work to bring out the best in there, and he did all he could to make it one of the best anime movies on Netflix.

The End of Evangelion

This series is the sci-fi and full of action. Herein the directors have done an excellent job of making the movie worth a watch. Herein, the two episodes final episodes of the Neon Genesis Evangelion, these are known to be very notorious amidst the fans. These episodes sidelined the series finale and its central conflict, which was very climactic, instead of trying to opt for taking away entirely all of the action within the main protagonist, Shinji Ikari, subconscious while he wrestled for resolving self-loathing as well as the hatred that plagued the character all throughout the duration of the story.

So, anyone looking forward to the light, celebratory and campy conclusion, this isn’t one for you. One will find here a much more fatalistic, odd, and life-affirming end that has been ever produced. By all means, the best and worth have been brought herein from the end of Evangelion, who remained true to subtitles’ ethos.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

This anime is known as the slice of life series, which got aired in the year 2011, and then the movie adaptation of it was made in the year 2013. The story of it focuses upon the complicated relationship which exists between protagonist Jintan, Menma- the heroine, and also the four members of peace busters. So, if one is looking forward to a movie that can make you emotional and bring tears, do not miss on to this one amidst the best movies on Netflix.

Time of Eve

This is one of the sci-fi anime movies which is very famous. It has been directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. The complete story of it came out on the big theatres in the year 2010.

The best part of this movie is that it brings forward the futuristic world with human beings and the androids living together quite well. It also shows serious problems in connection with the robot society. The movie also shows how the high school boy named Rikuo found out the café, which was named the time of eve, wherein none discriminated in between the androids and humans. For more, watch the movie without skipping minutes.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

It is the movie that was released in 2015 and followed the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods story. The story belongs to the genre of adventure and action and is a highly recommended one. 

Dragon Ball Z is one of the best anime movies on Netflix, which brought ahead Frieza, the strongest villain character (one of the many villains) who got revived as all of the 7 dragon balls were collected. It was after revival that Frieza that it seeks revenge against Goku. Within the movie, one will also see some familiar characters who have appeared previously.

Final Words

Note that these best anime movies on Netflix, they might not be available on Netflix in some of the countries. However, if you have found it, do not miss on to miss the journey of the characters and have a great time. For sure, the characters will bring out a lot and will help provide satisfactory time enjoyment, totally worth. Happy Watch!

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