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7 Coolest Anime Characters

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Anime has some of the most popular characters. Be it their charm or good looks, these badass characters are the ones you love to see. They may or may not demand attention, but for sure, you cannot take your eyes off them. Furthermore, these characters, they work tirelessly and put themselves all through the gruelling training for improving strength and skills and also surpassing limits while they continue to overcome the enemy. It isn’t easy, of course, but to give up would bring a pause to their exponential growth. However, getting away from that aspect, when it comes to being cool, either these characters have in themselves, or they don’t, and so, considering all such cool anime characters, this article has been prepared to give a list of some popular character names in the history of the anime.

7 Cool Anime Characters of All Time

Itachi Uchiha 

From the anime Naruto: Shippuden, this character has very less screen time, but even after this, his presence was always felt by the fans. For them, he is just beyond being that badass who with his ideology, iron-clad will, fighting techniques and visual design.

Itachi is one amidst the cool anime characters, the character of whom you would find difficult to see around. Furthermore, he is not just Sasuke’s arc ultimate bad guy, but he also is the entire generation’s unsung hero, the man who stayed ahead in the game. So, well, he totally deserved to be on this list, of course. 

Levi Ackerman

Also known as Captain Levi, he is the leader of the special operations squad soldiers within the survey corps. He is also known as the strongest soldier of humanity.

Short hair, smart enough, and the one to be left behind (after the death of his mother) at a young age, he is the character who understands deeply what life is like around. With all that he has and with all that his experience speaks for him, he has one serious killer look within the anime, Attack on Titan.

Yami Sukehiro

He is a character from Yami Sukehiro, who isn’t like other samurai characters who are tall, mysterious, outspoken and skinny. He wasn’t able to get that memo ever, but he for sure looked like Baki (slightly deflated), and how can we forget, he also joined the list of the cool anime characters. It is all because of his attitude, power, and whatnot, which are far much better and makes him a perfect badass. 

Yami is never seen worrying at the battle. He knows he can easily surpass his own limits. So, he would look any of the foes in the eye, in case he gets enough time for ramping up and after he’s out, its complete beauty.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua is the assassin prodigy, nen genius and a popular main character from Hunter X Hunter. He was born in the infamous family of Zoldyck (assassins) and is recognized around as the individual who had limitless potential. He even excelled at learning Nen and then perfected the art. According to his teacher, he and his talent have been claimed to be one amidst 10 million.

Killua is known for calm, demeanour and of course, he is one of the cool anime characters who is defying his age. He even sets aside his emotion and is seen formulating plans from the standpoint of pragmatism. Even many of his victories were effortless, and he bested his opponents with hands in pockets. 

Firo Prochainezo

From the anime Baccano! His swag, when it came to the frame, he became one of the cool anime characters. Apart from this, he is also an excellent fighter who can kick one’s ass and still appear to be elegant.

Firo also looks dashing, always, and the choice of his waifu, it is S-tier. He has always been seen coming out like the gentleman and the true member of the mafia at once, which for sure is badass.


He is the character from The Seven Deadly Sins who had one best introductions within the show. The only exception possible herein was of being that pringle escanor, fully. 

One will see this character within the anime being tortured, lifeless and then the other second he hears coming of Meliodas, he would simply burst out and use the attack of his enemy for getting the fresh shave all before the big date with the friend. Next, he would be seen proceeding towards tearing down the entire castle using arm-wrestling power. So, tell us, how could not he be in this list of cool anime characters, and how could you guys not fall in love with him?


He retained individualism within the society that helped in the enforcement of conformity. In the 1st season of psycho-pass, he is the primary antagonist and also one compelling villain of anime history. He was asymptomatic criminally, which means that the sibyl system, it wasn’t able to detect any kind of criminal intent and therefore, all of his crimes, they went completely unpunished. Even though he was guilty of the murder, the words of his resonated with the characters and the fans, and this is what made him popular and reputable. All his dreams were understandable, and all of his methods, they were questionable.

Final Words

Hope this article was able to provide some relevant information about the cool anime characters from your favourite shows. In case you want any more characters to be added to this or if your point of view contradicts with that of the article, kindly reach out to us, and we will ensure to include or change the names in the list, if possible. Till then, keep enjoying the anime and watch some of these cool anime characters while you find your favourite amidst them all.

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