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Strongest demon slayer characters

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Strongest demon slayer characters

Demon slayer, it is one of the most popular action-adventure manga that has been set in Japan’s Taisho era. It depicts the battle of the demons (man-eaters) and the demon-killing squad or the demon-slaying corps, fighting as against them. Herein, Kamado Tanjiro is the main character who is seen fighting as against the demons for finding a way so as to turn back his younger sister to a human back again. This young boy had a lot of motivation as he got his family killed because of such demons, but of course, he needed the organization for the protection of masses from these demonic threats, and the demon slayer corps was one of them with some of the strongest demon slayer characters. They fought against the demons and helped protect all, and considering all such powerful characters within the organization, this article will provide complete details about the 7 strongest demon slayer characters who you might love within the anime. So, go ahead. Give it a read.

7 strongest demon slayer characters

Yoriichi Tsugikuni 

Yoriichi is known for defeating on his own the demon lord, Muzan, and this for sure gets him to the list of the strongest demon slayer characters, without any doubt. He is very powerful, and his power is so much that the battle doll which got crafted in the image of him, it needed multiple arms for replicating his movements of him. He, for sure within the anime, was the prodigy since childhood, and the best was that even the demon Muzan was scared of him, and because of it, he never appeared in front of Yoriichi.


He is the demon king and also the progenitor of all demons. He also had many forms, and he was able to take down 4 demon slayers and 5 hashira together. Furthermore, the human blood of Muzan was powerful enough for converting humans to demons, and this gave them also the power for concentrating. This was very helpful for getting access to all of the thoughts, memories, senses of such demons.

Muzan also was capable of possessing other beings and easily getting them to pass their will. The final form of his was seen producing the whip-like structure from all of the body parts, and it was able to shake waves. The thing about Muzan’s body was that it could only be effected using foreign complex poisons, and his weakness, it was sunlight and Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s swordsmanship.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

This character within the anime can be seen acting best within the situation, no matter where he was put in. He always managed to survive. He even survived the moon breathing attack, which was at the 1st sight even when Muichiro Tokito (mist pillar) got deeply wounded. Even during the battle with Muzan, Sanemi (wind pillar) was seen quickly figuring out conditions for activation of the Red Nichirin blade and then transformed the sword he had to the red blade. Well, for sure, Sanemi’s abilities, they are the highest amidst the pillars, and this makes him one of the strongest demon slayer characters

Obanai Iguro (the 2nd weakest Hashira)

Shinobu, he is referred to as the weakest hashira but obanai, he is the 2nd weakest, but the best is that he was able to activate his demon slayer mark (Shinobu was not able to). It is what allowed him to get at the peak of the performance during the fight and win even when he wasn’t able to use his lost vision. He is seen relying upon his snake named Kaburamaru. The snake used to tell him all about what he needed to know in regards to the surroundings.

Kokushibo (Twelve Kizuki- Upper rank 1)

The human name of this character is Michikatsu Tsugikuni, and he was the older brother of Yorrichi Tsugikuni, who was the founder of “The Breathing Breath.”

Moon Breathing, it was Kokushibo’s one of the powerful styles to breathe and his abilities, well, they were all within different dimensions.

Muichiro Tokito

He, at times, might seem to be a bit of air-headed, but he is one of the strongest demon slayer characters. He is seen lost within his thoughts always, but even after this, his dedication as the demon slayer, it was most powerful of all. He is the mist pillar which can be seen utilizing the breath of the mist style (derived from the breath of wind style). Well, he did master his breathing system to such an extent that he was able to use it during the fight to make it easy and to overwhelm the demon of the upper moon and also for the creation of the totally new form of breath style. Muichiro even unlocked the demon slayer mark, which provided him much more strength for killing the upper moon demon with ease. 


He was the upper rank 2 demon. He was living a double life as a cult leader, and this cult was used for getting access to many of the human bodies, which were contributing towards the strength of him. Also, he had a very high tolerance for the pain and his sadistic tendencies; it is what caused his downfall. 

The blood demon art of Doma was Cryokinesis. It was cold enough to freeze human lungs completely. Even Doma was able to absorb the people without actually eating them, and his regeneration ability allowed him to diffuse his body poison. 

Final words

Hope the above details about the strongest demon slayer characters proved out to be helpful for you. Well, hopefully, you also found your favorite amidst the same. If not, continue to watch the series, connect what you read with the actual characters on the show and get to know more about them. For sure you will have a great time. Enjoy!

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