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Top Websites to Watch Anime

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Best Websites to Watch Anime

If you are having a hard time watching your favorite anime online and are unable to find any great websites to watch anime, this article is for you. First of all, know that you aren’t alone, and there are many fans out there (ones who live outside Japan) who find it challenging to watch the anime in their region. However, living in a world of technology, on today’s date, you are fortunate enough to have access to the internet and the streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, which have made access to the crucial popular culture reach much more convenient than it was before.

Considering all of it and the availability of the popular shows, this article will provide information about the best anime websites that are popular and have some highly revered anime shows with filters while helping one to filter the anime in respect to quality, year, language and season. This article will discuss about both the free and the paid anime websites to provide you with the best experience to view.

9 Best Websites to Watch Anime


This website is best for the manga store and anime fans. It is one of the oldest websites within the anime streaming game. The website is synonymous almost with manga, and anime culture in the west is responsible single-handedly for bringing the anime culture to the western audience. It is functional in around 180+ countries and is available for 14 days free trial, and then the audiences have the option to purchase the subscription for $7.99/$9.99.

Some important features of it are,

  • Offers premium anime and manga
  • It has anime blogs
  • Crunchyroll has an exclusive license for some popular anime properties. 

Crunchyroll is one of the websites to watch anime that has a clear interface, interactive platform and affordable pricing.

Anime Lab

The website has some popular, dubbed and subbed anime. This is one of the best websites to watch anime that is known for allowing one to view the movies which have been recently added too, and even the latest shows can be streamed just after a few hours of the broadcast.

Some of its features are,

  • One can watch shows and movies using android or iPhones, or even others.
  • It allows users to watch 1000s’ of episodes and enjoy recently added shows that are subbed, dubbed and popular too.
  • Best place for watching anime in genres like adventure, idol, horror, drama, adventure, etc. 

As of now, this website is available only in Australia and New Zealand, but one can use the VPN for watching shows and anime in the geo-restricted areas too.


For anyone who is looking to watch different anime types and have comprehensive navigation, this is the website to look forward to. The website assures to provide features like,

  • Quick Filter
  • Language change
  • Clean as well as catchy interface
  • Light and dark mode

The website offers a comprehensive navigation system that can complement the sleek interface of it, which altogether makes it very easy for one to find one favorite anime. Furthermore, even the titles, they are arranged in alphabetical order, so one can process them easily.


If you are looking forward to the websites to watch anime, well, this is the one with the original premium content. It has brought anime to a wider audience. The company syndicated some of the best anime, including Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, etc., in the west, even before the same became the streaming platform. 

From speed to lack of buffering and top-notch quality, the website provides it all with the latest anime and some of the features that separate it from others are,

  • High-resolution content which is original
  • Manga and anime store
  • A perfect place for anime merchandise and games.

The price charged herein is quite affordable ($99.99 per year and $7.99 per month) and worth it as it provides exclusive titles in Canada, the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and even New Zealand.


This is one of the free anime streaming websites to watch anime that has a garish-looking interface. It is an amazing platform where one can find the titles they are looking forward to online. Even when it is a free website, it has easy navigation and by no means will it assault you using unnecessary adware. Also, do not forget, the content here is of high resolution. 

Some of its features are,

  • Provides easy access to dubbed and subbed anime
  • It has the organization of shows, genre-based

This is a perfect platform where one can easily navigate and find some of the old as well as the new anime, no matter whichever region you live in.


Offering premium quality of anime content, this website is one of the largest streaming platforms for content amidst the premium content. It also has some great titles too. The platform can be used on any of device, including a laptop, iPhone or even a tablet. 

Considering the rumors, the platform has plans to add many more anime titles on the platform. Some of the features of this platform are,

  • Streaming can be done offline
  • Device compatible
  • Hassle-free
  • Cheaper and fast streaming providing HD videos
  • Screen recording is available.

As of now, this website is accessible just in Japan and United States and is available for free for 1 month. Further, one will be required to pay a monthly charge of $5.99.


Providing some of the exclusive anime titles, this is one of the websites to watch anime. It has content and users from around the world. The platform has also become a home for anime titans, including Kaguya Sama and Death note. Both of the dubbed as well as subbed versions of the anime in HD quality are available here. 

Some of the features of this website are,

  • One has a choice in between different resolutions
  • The platform has a sleek and clean interface

It is one of the best premium sites to which you can subscribe today and get to experience the perfect delight of anime on the platform. It is available globally, and one gets charged around $7.99 to $9.99 every month (30 days free).

Amazon Anime

On this platform, one can buy animated movie CDs very easily. The website provides a quick search for the required anime too. Some other amazing features of this worldwide available website are,

  • Provides variety (actors and directors) of animation videos
  • Platform supports quality of animation in 4K and HD
  • Wide subtitles range 
  • Animation is supported in languages like French, Korean, English and more.


This is one of the free platforms offering an amazing anime experience. It provides HD streaming, and one can even download anime from the website. The users can use the website from all the regions to get their hands on the old and new anime (immediately without delay).

Some of the features provided herein are,

  • Simpler interface
  • Convenient navigation
  • Best anime titles, etc.

On the website, one can find the anime organized as per alphabets, release month, etc.

Final Words

Well, for all the anime fans out there, this is an exciting time as the anime was never so easily accessible to all. However, now one can easily enjoy all the shows in uncensored format from the comfort of home. Make sure to pick your own pick from the list above, but in case you wish to know what we recommend, well, Crunchyroll and Funimation are what we would prefer. It might cost a bit, but it is worth it.

Hopefully, this article provided you with a comparison and information about the popular websites to watch anime. If yes, go on and watch all that you wish for, starting today.

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